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Xi’an Shaangu Power Co., Ltd.(SPC for short), a subsidiary of Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd.(Shaangu Group for short).SPC was established in June,1999 based on fine assets and operating activities of Shaangu Group. Through increase in capital and shares, SPC has introduced 7 strategic investors including Legend Holdings Ltd. and Shanghai Fosun High Technology Company since November 1997. On April 28, 2010, SPC got a successful IPO and became a public-listed company at Shanghai Stock Exchange market, the stock code is 601369. By now the total registered capital is about 1.64 billion RMB.

SPC is a professional company who provides systematic solutions and services for turbo-machinery in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgical industry, air separation, power generation, civil construction, environmental protection, national defense, etc. Traditional products include axial compressors, energy recovery and power generation turbine unit, centrifugal compressors, centrifugal blowers, large fans and steam turbines. Wherein, the axial compressor and energy recovery and power generator turbine unit are a kind of environmental protection products. Main competitors in the domestic market are international companies. These two products and combined gas and steam circulation power generation unit were entitled as second awards of national S&T advancement. 

SPC has passed international certificates in quality (1994), environment (2001) and occupational safety and health management (2004). By the end of the year 2014, SPC has total 2611 employees including 1000 technical people from different professions.

Since establishment in 1999, SPC has been keeping good continuous development. Especially from the year of 2001, SPC faced and obtained many opportunities in the domestic markets and made great achievements under the national economic rapid development.

With rapid enhancement of company comprehensive strength, Shaangu has an increasing influence on the society and his industry. Since 2002, Shaangu has been keeping a leading position in his peers; Shaangu brand has been selected in China Top 500 brands several times; in October 26, 2009, SPC won National Quality Award, the first company in Shaanxi province getting such honor. In addition, SPC won more than 200 honors from different organizations such as Shaanxi Top 10 Excellent Company, National Harmonic Labor Relationship Demonstration Company, Excellent Quality Control Team, Quality Control Award, 2007 Credit Company, Equipment Manufacturing Promotion Company, National Technical Innovation Demonstration Company, Shaanxi Province Social Responsibility Fulfilling Company and 11 the five-plan Industry Standard Excellent Company.



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